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Pedro Gonzales Jr: ELEVEN rib fractures

Pedro Gonzales Jr died of a punctured lung caused by a rib fracture. How many ribs were fractured? 11. How were they fractured? By the knees of two police officers. Between the comments from those who knew him and the medical professionals that have weighed in on the issue, it seems that the force needed to puncture a lung would never have been needed to subdue Mr. Gonzales.

If anyone has any additional information – either about police officers Jason W. Buckaloo and Christopher S. Jones or about this incident, please contact Houston CopWatch.

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Pasadena Police Guilty of Deadly Conduct

This past March,  off duty Officer Marcus Justin Kacz of Pasadena PD became so enraged at being cut off while driving that he pursued the car and shot at the driver with at least three shots being fired. On the 26th, a jury found Kacz guilty of deadly conduct. His punishment? Probation, a fine of $400, community service, and an anger management course. A lenient punishment from a police force that is under heavy scrutiny for excessive use of force.

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An Account of Repeated Police Brutality in Pasadena

The following is a series of emails Houston CopWatch has received from Robert Pierson of Pasadena, TX. These accounts include incidences of racism and classism, incidences of health violations within the Pasadena jail, and incidences of possible corruption in Pasadena’s court system.

If anyone has any information on other instances like these, please contact Houston CopWatch and we will post your stories.


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