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Teen daytime curfew laws: racist and classist

Curfew fines which can range from $180 to $225, are given to students that are not at school during regular school hours. They are generally given out at the school campuses as students arrive tardy to classes. It was hoped that the curfew would lower crime rates; however, no evidence has been given that this has been the result of these fines. In addition, minorities seem to be singled out for the fines. According to the Houston Chronicle: “Last year, more than half of all curfew tickets went to blacks, who make up about 30 percent of HISD students; 36 percent went to Hispanics, who comprise 58 percent of HISD, and Anglos, who comprise nearly 9 percent of the district’s students, were ticketed 6 percent of the time, according to state and police data.”

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New law helps HPD lend a hand to ICE

From now on in Harris County, only US citizens are allowed “non-arrest bonds”, with which they can commit minor crimes without facing arrest. Illegal immigrants will not be allowed this, and as such, will be more prone to deportation. Continue reading

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New laws in place that could lead to police brutality

Some new Texas laws that became effective as of Sept 1:

CASTLE DOCTRINE: Removes the requirement that someone must try to retreat before using deadly force to defend themselves.

SEARCH WARRANTS: Allows courts to seal from the public and media search warrant affidavits for up to 60 days.

[Source: Houston Chronicle]

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