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Police versus police standoff ends peacefully – go figure

The difference between being a white police officer pointing a gun versus being a black man pointing a gun: compare the results of former police officer David James Vitrella’s stand off with Houston SWAT with the death of Reginald Sumbler this past August.

Vitrella was not killed by the shots fired by multiple police officers when he pointed a gun at them. Reginald Sumbler was. Vitrella had broken in and held his wife hostage. Reginald Sumbler had called to report that he was suicidal and needed help.

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Pasadena Police Guilty of Deadly Conduct

This past March,  off duty Officer Marcus Justin Kacz of Pasadena PD became so enraged at being cut off while driving that he pursued the car and shot at the driver with at least three shots being fired. On the 26th, a jury found Kacz guilty of deadly conduct. His punishment? Probation, a fine of $400, community service, and an anger management course. A lenient punishment from a police force that is under heavy scrutiny for excessive use of force.

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A Request from the McIntosh Family’s Legal Representation

To Whom It May Concern:

To begin with, I think your organization is wonderful and you are doing
great work.  I represent the McIntosh family in their civil suit against HPD
and officer LD Smith.  I am in the process of compiling evidence of police
brutality and fatal shootings in Houston to help make the family’s case
against HPD.  If you have any information that you think might help me, I
would sure appreciate you passing it along.  Also, if you come across any
witnesses that saw the shooting but did not come forward for fear of
retribution, I can protect their anonymity and would like to talk to them.
Thank you very much, any information would be appreciated.

Derek S. Merman, Partner

Merman & Dunk, LLP

723 Main St.  Suite 1020

Houston, Texas


Tele: (713) 223-1435

Fax:  (713) 223-1438

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Officer KR Barnes off the hook for killing Alex Macario Rivera in May 2007

Officer Barnes gets away with shooting Alex Macario Rivera in the back as he fled unarmed after a robbery.

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Officer Patrick Carraway Shot Brittnee S. King in Hand

King, police shooting victim, is charged with Felony Evading after a short police “chase”. It does not seem to be her felony that she was evading, and the “shiny object” has yet to be defined. Continue reading

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Officer shoots young woman in hand after short car chase

Reportedly, the officer saw “something shiny” and shot at the woman. Luckily, the officer only hit her hand.   Continue reading

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Robert McIntosh: Killed, January 2007

Robert McIntosh was killed by HPD Officer L.D. Smith on January 8, 2007. What has happened to date to Smith? How has the McIntosh family coped with their loss? If anyone has any information on this incident, please get in touch with us.
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