An Account of Repeated Police Brutality in Pasadena

The following is a series of emails Houston CopWatch has received from Robert Pierson of Pasadena, TX. These accounts include incidences of racism and classism, incidences of health violations within the Pasadena jail, and incidences of possible corruption in Pasadena’s court system.

If anyone has any information on other instances like these, please contact Houston CopWatch and we will post your stories.


To whom it may concern:On August 5, 2006 at congressman Gene Green’s town hall meeting in Pasadena, Texas I gave mayor
Manlove, who was at this town meeting, a written complaint about misconduct of the police and courts. Despite this I am still having my civil rights violated by the Pasadena Police. On August 24, 2006 a white woman who lives here had her dog attack me while I was changing the oil on my car. When my wife called the police two officers showed up, officer JM Phillips #5164 and officer Oakley. When they arrived I was under my car draining the oil as Ms Reynolds the owner of the dog had put her dog in her house when I called the police. They asked who had called the police and I said that I did. Officer Phillips asked what had happened and I told him that Ms. Reynolds had encouraged her dog to growl at me and advance towards me, and that I had asked her to restrain he dog and she refused. She then cut my lock off of the shed where I keep my tools.

He then talked to Ms. Reynolds and then returned to me and asked me for my ID so that he could call in on me. He then started asking me questions about a civil matter. He then forced me to unlock the tool shed so they could search it. He then told me that I had better leave before I was evicted, when I told him that civil cases should be handled by a civil court and not by them. I also asked why he was harassing me as I had done nothing wrong. He became angry and said that his name was officer Phillips if I wanted to file a complaint against him.

The next day I paid for a copy of the incident report which had been falsified by officer Phillips who wrote it. He stated that he answered a disturbance call and in the summary lied and said that the subjects were involved in a verbal altercation. No mention was made anywhere in the report as to why they were really called.

The same day I got the police report August 6, 2006 I complained to his supervisor a lieutenant Goodman, and called a lieutenant Styron of Internal affairs and complained about the illegal search of my storage shed, harassment, and the filing of a false incident report, and racial discrimination. Officer Styron was not in but I left a message. Lieutenant Goodman told me that he would look into it and said he would get back to me Monday or Tuesday. On Monday officer Styron of internal affairs called me and said that if lieutenant Goodman did not call me Monday or Tuesday to call him back. I was not called back on Monday or Tuesday so I called officer Styron on Tuesday night and left a message. He also has not called back. I guess they think that if they just ignore the incident that it will just go away. In the incident report he says my general appearance was “dirty” I guess he forgot to put “dirty Mexican” although I am Native American. He failed to report that I was working on a car at the time. As I said this is not the first time I have been harassed. In CAUSE NUMBERS 120314 AND 120315 in the Municipal Court of Pasadena. I was stopped without probable cause and then the video tape from the incident was destroyed after I filed for a subpoena. The case was later dismissed. All I am asking is for this matter to be investigated and that I be informed of the results.

Robert Pierson

The following is an e-mail to the AARP. My wife was also tortured then arrested about 15 minutes after she complained to the chief of police. Case number 1440848. I can also tell you about the refusal of medical treatment. The police call the same ambulance driver every time and they tried to get me to sign a refusal of medical treatment by telling me it was just a form stating that I had been seen by them, I knew what it was and refused to sign it, but another prisoner did. I was not drunk and I was able to control my diabetes with pill before I was arrested and held without food and water for five days, I now need 120 units of insulin a day and all the pill I was taking before.

Robert Pierson

I was recently arrested, tortured, denied medical treatment for my diabetes, and denied food and water for five days in the Pasadena Texas jail, after I was arrested for walking in the street and public intoxication. I was told by the police that I was actually being arrested because I would not move out of my apartment. At my eviction hearing, which I appealed, the trial judge could not get the landlord to give her a legitimate reason for evicting us. She kept telling the judge that she wanted us evicted because we turned her in to Adult Protective Services for neglecting her eighty year old mother and for not building her a ramp, which put her at risk of falling and breaking her hip. I have complained to the Texas Board of Medical Examiners because the Pasadena Police when they do provide medical treatment for other prisoners got family members to bring in their prescription drugs and then the police dispensed them. They said that the unauthorized practice of me! Medicine, and the illegal distribution of prescription drugs is a criminal matter, and to contact the Texas Attorney General or the consumer complaints division of the same office. Neither one will respond. I also complained to HUD and congressman Gene Green but they also said that it was a criminal matter to retaliate for reporting elderly abuse and to contact the Texas Attorney General. I looked at your attorney listings but I did not see any civil rights attorneys. Can you give me a referral to an attorney or other agency that might help before they kill someone in their jail? The civil eviction case number is 874973, and the Fourteenth Court of Appeals number is 14-06-01023-CV which I am forced to do pro se. The land owner has an attorney named Shannon T. Moore State Bar No. 24027525, phone number 713 947-8301 and he has repeatedly lied in his brief or else as I pointed out to the court his client Theresa Reynolds has repeatedly lied under oath in the trial court as the court record clearly states. Just before I was arrested this attorney told me I had better get used to their hard ball tactics.


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One response to “An Account of Repeated Police Brutality in Pasadena

  1. Candace

    I have a friend that lives in Pasadena and they are running her out of her house. They cut off her electricity and water even with her paying the bill. She got beat up by a man and the police blew her off and did not/would not file a report against the man who did it b/c they have some kind of fixatition of not likeing her. A daughter to one of the city officials wants her property and all of a sudden they come in and start condemning her property that is not in bad condition. She has done everything they have said on correcting a 2ft spot on her porch and they still came by and threw her out of her house again. She is not a renter she is buying this house and they are causing her to go in possible forclosure b/c they keep throwing her off her property illeagally and she has to go into hotels. I have seen the abuse from pasadena police through her and it is very sad they get away with throwing people out on the streets or can pick and choose what police reports they feel like filing depending on if they like the person. Another thing that makes it worse is she is desabled and is restricted finacially and physically by what they tell her to do. I dont think this police force and city officials should get away with the abuse they do to people.

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