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Death of Reginald Sumbler Spurs Community Outcry

 Quanell X Holds Public Meeting on HPD Mental Health Response Continue reading


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HPD Tries to Paint Picture of Support from Houston Ministers Against Crime

After the jump is the press release from the Houston Police Department. The Press Conference had nothing to do with the death of Reginald Sumbler; rather, the Ministers Against Crime were talking about unchecked vandalism in the Sunnyside area.

Little does this also note, the Ministers Against Crime are a volunteer faction of the Houston Police Department. You have to literally sign up with  and be approved by the Houston Police Department to be a part of the group. The HPD was clearly trying to bully their volunteer group into agreeing with the shooting of Sumbler; however, the Ministers Against Crime refused to acknowledge the shooting as appropriate.

City Council members were present and did object to the shooting of Reginald Sumbler. Continue reading

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