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Pasadena Police Guilty of Deadly Conduct

This past March,  off duty Officer Marcus Justin Kacz of Pasadena PD became so enraged at being cut off while driving that he pursued the car and shot at the driver with at least three shots being fired. On the 26th, a jury found Kacz guilty of deadly conduct. His punishment? Probation, a fine of $400, community service, and an anger management course. A lenient punishment from a police force that is under heavy scrutiny for excessive use of force.

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New Rules for HPD Car Chases

Chief Hurtt proves to have more sense than the HPD union. He proposed a limit on when car chases would be allowed, ruling out low level offenses such as traffic stops from qualifying for a chase. In response, the HPD Union raised so many complaints (what these complaints were, we do not know) that the mayor refused to allow Hurtt’s proposal to go into effect.

Instead, there is a new proposal that a supervisor will have to be warned that a police chase is about to begin and will then have to monitor and lead the police officers through the chase. Continue reading

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Officer Patrick Carraway Shot Brittnee S. King in Hand

King, police shooting victim, is charged with Felony Evading after a short police “chase”. It does not seem to be her felony that she was evading, and the “shiny object” has yet to be defined. Continue reading

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Officer shoots young woman in hand after short car chase

Reportedly, the officer saw “something shiny” and shot at the woman. Luckily, the officer only hit her hand.   Continue reading

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Police Cause Fatal Car Accident

Aug. 1, 2007, 6:54AM
1 dead, 1 injured after police chase leads to wreck

One man died and another is in critical condition this morning after the pair allegedly stole a van, then crashed it into a trash truck as they fled police on Fondren in southwest Houston.

“The chase lasted about a minute,” said HPD spokesman Officer Gabe Ortiz.

The incident began at about 3 a.m., when an apartment dweller reported a Dodge Caravan being stolen from a complex parking lot in the 5800 block of Fondren, Ortiz said.

A patrolman spotted the van leaving exiting the complex lot onto Green Ash.

“The second that driver spotted the officer is when the pursuit started,” Ortiz said.

The van driver turned north on Fondren and ran red lights at Harwin, West Park Tollway and West Park, Ortiz said.

The pursuing officer was about two blocks behind the van when it rammed into the passenger side of a BFI Waste Management Co. truck that was crossing Fondren at Pagewood Lane.

“The impact dislodged the truck’s gas tank but the Houston Fire Department cleaned up the spill,” Ortiz said.

The names of the van’s occupants were not released. The driver was dead at the scene and the passenger was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital, Ortiz said.

The trash truck driver was shaken up but was not hospitalized, he said.

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