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Learn How to Be HPD from HPD: Volunteer Classes Available


The Houston Citizens’ Police Academy presents a look at the internal
operations, values, and philosophy of the Houston Police Department.
The Academy is a 33-hour block of instruction designed to give the
public a working knowledge of the hows and whys of the department, and
the citizens’ roles in their interactions with the police.  If you
choose to participate, you will attend a series of classes held once
each week for three hours.  The instruction is comprehensive, covering a
different area of the police department each week.  Officers,
supervisors and personnel assigned to that particular division conduct
each instructional block.


The Citizens’ Police Academy is made of a cross section of
Houston’s diverse community.  Homemakers, laborers, professionals,
students, ministers, and business, civic, and social leaders are
encouraged to apply.  The minimum age for enrollment is 21 and you must
work or live in the City of Houston to be eligible to attend.


The HCPA is held twice a year.  The next class is September 6, 2007,
and will be at the Houston Police Academy, 17000 Aldine Westfield Road
(near Bush Intercontinental Airport).  The Academy class meets every
Thursday evening from 7pm – 10pm for eleven weeks.


The Houston Citizens’ Police Academy was created to provide enough
information to the citizens who attend so they may make informed
judgments about the police department and police activity.  Students are
expected to share this realistic view of the department with other
citizens to improve the efficiency of law enforcement in their
neighborhoods.  The department, in turn, becomes more aware of the
feelings and concerns of the community from the participants’
interactions and inputs.  It is a two-way learning experience.


The Citizens’ Police Academy training includes emergency
communications, crime prevention, family violence, vice, narcotics, bomb
squad operations, hostage negotiations, SWAT team, shoot-don’t-shoot
exercises, post shooting trauma, debriefing recognition, criminal
prosecutions, homicide investigations, gang recognition, and juvenile
crimes.  Because of the importance of patrol operations in policing, a
Ride-A-Long is mandatory.  Instruction in these and other topics will
consist of lectures, demonstrations, tours and hands-on learning.


If what you’ve read above interests you and you want to apply, then
go to the Houston Police Department Web site;  On
the homepage, click the volunteer button and then click ‘Download
Application.’  Complete the application and mail to: Houston Police
Department, 1200 Travis, Houston, Texas 77002, Attention Officer Lance
Ediger, Public Affairs Division.  Be sure to include a copy of your
Texas driver’s license and two reference letters.  All applicants will
be interviewed.  The deadline for submitting your application is
Wednesday September 1, 2007.  The class fills up fast, so the sooner you
can get your application in the better.  If you have a question, please
do not hesitate to call Officer Ediger at 713-308-3200.

LSE/JFC/BDW   8-6-07

Please do not reply to this message. We are unable to respond to
replies or inquiries sent to this e-mail account. For further
information on this release, please contact a Public Information Officer
at 713-308-3280. Thank you.


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