Mass pepper spraying at Ball High

Pepper spray ended up in 50+ students eyes after it was applied to break up a fight at Ball High in Galveston on Friday. Another example of how such methods of crowd control are in fact uncontrollable.  

Sept. 24, 2007, 10:32AM
Pepper spray used at Ball High to break up brawl

GALVESTON — Pepper spray used to break up a high school fight drifted on to 50 other students and sent them to the nurse’s office for treatment, a Galveston ISD spokeswoman said today.

Forty-two students asked to be sent home after being treated Thursday by the nurse at Ball High School, spokeswoman Christine Hopkins said.

A safety officer used the pepper about noon to quell a fight involving four freshmen, Hopkins said.

“Pepper spray is used as a last resort by security staff,” Hopkins said.

The Galveston ISD police force includes licensed peace officers and safety officers, who have less training than licensed officers, she said.

Hopkins said school staff phoned the parents of the affected students. The school received few complaints, she said.


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One response to “Mass pepper spraying at Ball High

  1. Pepper spray is a long way from is origins as Mace, which was used by Police in the 70’s and 80’s. Todays police pepper spray effects last less than an hour and in certain circumstances can be a good deterant and even a worthy alternative to other less humane instruments which are also issued to the Police.

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